How Truck Drivers Can Earn More Money


Trucking is tough. It's one of the toughest jobs in North America, and truthfully, one of the least appreciated. What's more, the trucking industry has an over 80% attrition rate, which means those truckers who stick it our are the toughest of the tough.

Truckers are the lifeblood of America; they deliver the freight that keeps our economy a float, But how do truckers keep themselves a float when times are tough, and load boards are empty?

Through guile, determination, and thinking outside the box.

Earn More Money Tip 1: CDL Endorsements

You've already got one CDL endorsement, why not earn some more so you can "Earn Some More"

CDL endorsements certify that you have completed the proper training and have been certified to carry specific types of freight. They enable truck drivers to drive specialized trucks or transport freight that requires special care.

By earning another endorsement you also increase your; eligibility for a higher rate, the range of loads you are certified to haul, and value as a driver. The different CDL endorsements that are beneficial to trucker drivers include:

  • CDL - H: required for vehicles containing hazardous materials.
  • CDL - N: required to drive tank vehicles.
  • CDL - T: required to to tow a double or triple trailer.
  • CDL - X: required to to haul hazmat and tank vehicles.

Earn More Money Tip 2: Train Other Drivers

There is no better way to hone your own skills than by teaching what you know to the next generation. Training new drivers is a great way to earn addition revenue, and the best part is you can train other drivers while earning money on a load.

If you own your truck, and are certified to train CDL student drivers, then you are already half way to earning some extra revenue. If training new drivers in your rig doesn't sound appealing than you can always hook up with one of the many CDL driving schools as an instructor.

Earn More Money Tip 3: Carrier Bonuses

Many carriers offer bonuses to their CDL drivers. You could be eligible to earn extra money by systematically attacking the various bonuses.

Safety Bonuses are awarded to drivers who can move materials without any hassle, and they pay big! Demonstrating long drives without accidents, or complaints can lead you to collect the big bucks.

Fuel Efficiency Bonuses are awarded to drivers who save fuel wherever, and whenever possible.

Mileage Bonuses are awarded to drivers that hit a certain mileage amount within a month's window.

Clean DOT inspections Bonuses are awarded to drivers who pass their required DOT inspection, which means they are driving their rigs efficiently, safely and responsibly.

Earn More Money Tip 4: Multiple Driving Roles

Looking to switch up your driving role. Good idea. Switching driving roles adds more than variety to your career, it adds dollar signs to your salary. With the proper certifications a driver could take on multiple roles, carry virtually any type of freight, and never driver empty again.

Solo OTR Drivers are the majority of the trucking industry. Solo OTR drivers typically earn $40,000 to $45,0002 depending on carrier company.

Team OTR Drivers work in pairs and switch off driving duties driving while the other rests. This method of switching off allows the truck to move longer distances, or arrive faster, which typically means more money.

Dedicated Drivers are consigned to make runs and deliveries for a single company. They have a specified route for that company, carrying only that company's freight.

Owner-Operators are what most OTR drivers aspire to be. Owner-operators have worked their way up to be their own boss and call all the shots! Owner-operators run their own fleet of professional CDL truck drivers, sign contracts directly with companies, and earn $100,000 plus a year!

Earn More Money Tip 5: Lease Your Unused Ad Space

Arguably the best way for a truck driver to rake in the extra revenue is by utilizing their existing assets to their full money making potential. That 53 foot trailer you haul behind you day in and day out is so much more than a trailer, it's a mobile billboard and way for you to make money whether you're loaded or not.

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