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Commoot turns the unused space on truck trailers into billboards and utilizes machine learning technology to create a better out of home advertising experience for brands.


For Brands, Marketing Firms, and Businesses

Commoot is an advertising medium that's highly memorable and close to consumer, without screens or devices. Take that, ad blockers.

For Trucking Companies

commoot Commoot offers partnerships with Trucking Companies, Carriers, and Fleet Managers that results in increased revenue from leasing fees. What could your trucking brand do with extra revenue?
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Outdoor Advertising like Commoot doubles consumer awareness of a brand.
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With an average CPM of under $3, Commoot offers affordable, impression-based ad options.
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Commoot has over 500 available advertising options in our inventory.
Launch A Smarter Outdoor Marketing Campaign
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Let Your Marketing Dollars Work For You

Major Brands, Regional Brands, and SMB's

Whether you're part of a Fortune 500 or a regional brand, there's a perfect Commoot option for you. With some of the longest dwell times (length of impression) and highest ad quality on the market, Commoot is the ideal addition to any existing marketing strategy.

Marketing & Experiential Agencies

Commoot knows that savvy agencies and marketers are always on the hunt for ad tech and platforms that can deepen their knowledge and improve their existing campaigns' performance. We provide in-depth data reports to impress your clients and inform future strategy.

Brands With Their Own Fleets

Your fleet, but smarter. If you have your own fleet, chances are you have a severely underutilized asset at your disposal just waiting to be monetized. Commoot adds our proprietary data-capture tech to your fleet to help you collect and learn from your fleet's data.

Smart Cities & Data Companies

Commoot is, at its heart, a data company. We help governments, cities, and municipalities learn about their cities and transit systems and analyze ways to improve them for the good of the community.

A Deep Dive Into Data with Commoot

Commoot brings "awareness to the road" by utilizing unused advertising space on the trailers of semi-trucks, box trucks, and large vehicles. Graphic, eye-catching "billboard-like" ads are attached to trailers through heat-wrapped vinyl or a 'poster' framing system. Commoot helps brands by supporting brand awareness, as well as creating a stronger and more tactical campaign for clients. Beyond just a new platform for OOH media, Commoot has innovated in many ways. We're one of the first platforms to allow quick and seamless Out Of Home (OOH) campaign creation through a smart, user-friendly marketplace website.

Commoot utilizes proprietary technology that tracks data through camera technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and geographical information systems, and more. Our technology allows corporations, cities, and other organizations to make major decisions with data-backed confidence.

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