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Grow Through Truck-Side
Ads & Smart Technology

Commoot turns the unused space on truck trailers into billboards and utilizes machine learning technology to create a better out of home advertising experience for brands.


For Brands, Marketing Firms, and Businesses

Commoot focuses on ensuring that you feel comfortable with where your ad dollars are going. We’re focusing on a medium which is closer to the consumer, creates a larger impact, and is measurable down to the second.

For Trucking Companies

Commoot is a great source of added revenue for trucking companies. Due to the variability of supply and demand in the trucking industry, Commoot is a great source of revenue for trucking companies.

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The use of Outdoor Advertising doubles the awareness of a brand.
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With an average CPM of under $3, Commoot is very competitively priced.
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Currently, we have over 500 trucks in our inventory.

Let Your Marketing Dollars Work For You

Major Brands, Regional Brands, and SMB's

Whether you're part of a Fortune 500 or a regional brand, we build strong campaigns and monitor the whole process. Our fleets are able to receive some of the longest dwell times while maintaining high quality impressions.

Marketing & Experiential Agencies

Agencies that invest in outdoor marketing want to have as much data as possible. to report back to their clients We take data seriously and work with you to ensure you have what you need to provide a high quality report back to your client.

Brands With Their Own Fleets

Companies that own their own fleet have a severely underutilized asset on their hands. Nearly all companies with a truck fleet are not tracking the marketing power of their trucks. We track routes, impressions for the route, and much more.

Smart Cities & Data Companies

Commoot is a data company built on top of a marketing company. We are able to analyze 100's of data points per minute in order to create very comprehensive reports for your firm. We work with the latest tech to obtain this information.

Let's Dig Deeper Into What We're Doing at Commoot

Commoot brings “awareness to the road” by utilizing unused advertising space on the trailers of semi-trucks, box trucks, and large vehicles. Graphic, eye-catching “billboard-like” ads are attached to trailers through heat-wrapped vinyl or a ‘poster’ framing system. Commoot helps brands by supporting brand awareness initiatives, as well as creating a stronger and more tactical campaign for clients. Beyond becoming a new platform for OOH media, Commoot plans to innovate in a few other ways. Commoot is one of the first platforms to allow quick and seamless OOH campaign creation through a marketplace website.

Commoot is currently building proprietary technology that can track a very large amount of data through camera technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and geographical information systems, and more. Our technology can allow corporations, cities, and other organizations to make major decisions more easily through the use of our data. 

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