Reaching Audiences in a New More Effective Way

Commoot provides brands with longer impression exposure to customers, ads that are closer to consumers, larger ad spaces, and more data to support the advertisements.

What Sets Commoot Apart

Different from Competition

Refresh and reawaken the impression-based ad space by limiting competition and emphasizing ad retention. Move away from the cluttered online ad market and move towards an exciting, unique OOH campaign.

Keeping Ads Fresh

Most forms of advertising fall victim to "ad blindness", which occurs when viewers have become too accustomed to seeing the same advertisements. Commoot solves this issue by working with a continuously moving medium, ensuring less ad blindness and continuous exposure to new audiences.

Data Others Can't Provide

By utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, Commoot goes above and beyond what other competitors can offer. We 'digitize' impression-based advertising with AI learning, making it simple and easy to deliver incredible, high-performing ads.

Less Distracting Than Billboards

Billboards force drivers to look 100s of feet away from the road to receive the message of the ad. Billboards are often distracting, and only hold the audience's attention for 3-5 seconds. Commoot brings the advertisement to eye level with the driver, ensuring that their eyes are not taken off the road and the ad is seen for 10+ seconds.

Getting To Know Your Project

We get to know you. We speak to you about your marketing needs, target demographics, budget, project goals, and more.

Creative & Goal Setting

Our agency-trained creative team can design your marketing assets for you, or you can send your current billboard ads to us. We utilize high quality imagery and design to ensure that your Commoot ads are unique and memorable.

Printing and Installation

Our agency-trained creative team can design your marketing assets or you can send your own over to us. We plan to utilize high quality imagery and design to ensure that your trucks are unique and memorable.

Campaign Launch!

Our Commoot truck partners drive through select high-density routes, maximizing the number of possible impressions on your advertisements.

Learn From the Data

We utilize machine learning and AI to understand approximately how many monthly impressions your ad received, the impression time, and many other layers of data.

Analyze and Repeat

You gain a successful awareness campaign, and trucking companies earn additional income! We compile your ads' performance and equip you with the knowledge needed to run more Commoot campaigns in new markets, to new audiences.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of industry leaders in a broad scope of different verticals amongst the media, tech, marketing, and big data space. Each member of the Commoot team holds between 10-35 years of experience under their belt. Commoot is also backed by a digital marketing agency to ensure that the data, goals, design, tracking, and reporting are all up to the quality standards of a high quality boutique marketing agency. Say goodbye to the old way of purchasing media and say hello to Commoot.

Get to Know Our Story

If anyone has dealt with city traffic, they understand the what it's like to sit in the driver's seat and stare off in front of them. After spending countless hours doing just that, Dan, one of the founding team members, started to think to himself that the white side and back panels of many trucks are blank. For the next month or so, he started counting how long he had been staring at the trailers in front of him. In some cases, it was 25 seconds, in other cases, it was multiple minutes at a time. All the while, the billboards were place hundreds of feet away, barely noticeable for more than a few seconds.

After a few months, Dan built a team of industry leaders in the marketing, data, technology, media buying, and hardware space. Each individual came with their own set of skills and ideas. Before long, we became a tech-focused out of home marketing company with the goal to become an industry leader in the space. The Commoot team plans to test the boundaries of data collection as it pertains to mobile advertising.

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