Earn More Money Just For
Driving Your Trucks.

Commoot helps trucking companies earn more money each month by renting the white space on the backs and sides of their trailers. We are invested in making the process as simple as possible for trucking companies by handling the wrapping process, removal, and payments. All you have to do is drive, snap a photo once in a while, and enjoy additional revenue coming in each month.

Additional Revenue

We rent out the side and back panels of your trailer and pay you on a monthly basis. We work with advertising partners to put up their ads and pay you rent on the space.

We Handle Everything

We work with you to ensure that we don’t get in the way of your schedule. All vendor installation and removal times are based on what works with your timelines.

Easy-To-Use Inventory Lists

We’re making it easy for your company to track which trailers are currently being utilized. This also will include images from the campaign, payments, and campaign scheduling.

How Commoot Benefits Trucking Companies

Commoot partners with trucking companies and fleet owners across the country to lease their unused white space on the sides of their shipping containers.

Trucking companies and fleet owners benefit from increased revenue, which can be extremely impactful in today’s current economy.

No need to worry about the ‘logistics’ of ad placement. Commoot does all the work for you, while helping you earn more revenue from your unused ad space.

What Is It Like To Work With Commoot?

As of now, we expect to build our inventory list full of trucking companies, so that when we begin our marketing push, we have plentiful inventory. We work with advertisers and yourselves to match the best routes with the most opportune advertisement opportunities. Each month that our ads are on your trucks, we pay you ‘rent’ for the space.

Why Choose Us?

We’re a driven start-up that hopes to become the AirBnB of the outdoor media space. We’re looking for your support to help us get there. Earn more money for your company.

Our Campaign Options

Credit System

The credit system will generally be the option that most advertising companies choose for OTR companies or trucks without a fairly consistent shipping route.

In order for us to pay for a day worth of advertising, the truck should receive at least 10,000 impressions OR be on the road for at least 3 hours. If the trailer is not on the road or sitting in the shop, we can not pay for that day.

Monthly Campaign

The monthly campaign is closer to what is traditionally utilized in outdoor advertising. These will generally be utilized in local routes + specific dedicated routes.

Sample Options

Full Trailer

This full trailer wrap is loved by our advertisers because of the size of the message. The process of wrapping shouldn’t generally take more than 3-4 hours per truck and can be simple to remove.

Back of Trailer

This is a great option for clients that either have a smaller budget or prefer to utilize as many trailers as possible on a smaller budget. 

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