Understanding the Data

We help our customers understand the road.

Create a deeper understanding of your marketing campaigns.

Through our constantly evolving marketing reports, you and your team can clearly understand what is happening throughout your campaign. With near real-time updates, you’ll have access to a plethora of data.

We make it easy for you to understand your campaign from the high level aggregated data to the micro-level, which will define demographics per the truck locations. Use the high level for reporting and utilize the micro-level to plan future ad campaigns.

Let's walk through the data.

First, we start with impressions.

From a campaign level, you’re going to want to know how many impressions your ads are getting. Many times, particularly in the OOH marketing industry, this can be somewhat of a guessing game. For us, it’s a science. Through our technology, we’re able to have a better, more clear understanding of how many cars, people, bikes (and more) have seen your ads. We also lay it out in a very digestible manner.

Then, we measure the impression times.

At Commoot, we’re firm believers that the quality of your ad should NOT be based solely on the number of impressions. Just because someone drove or walked past the billboard or swiped past an ad, does that mean that the ad was meaningful? We measure the time that the ad was in the exact line of vision of your potential customers. Oh, and don’t forget that you can’t X out, swipe, or close this ad. Take that ad blockers.

Also, we monitor all of your routes.

Unlike some campaigns that leave you relatively clueless about where your money goes, Commoot constantly tracks our vehicles and monitors their movement. Our GPS tracking systems monitor our trucking partners in real-time and update every 5 seconds. That way, we have the most real-time information out there.

You'll receive key demographic breakdowns.

We’ve sourced 10’s of millions of data points in order to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to translate these data points into actionable decisions. 

As you view your ad route, you’re able to assess the types of demographics that have passed your billboards. We break it down for you by zip code, as well as aggregate the information to make it easy for reporting, assessment, and campaign development.

What to expect from Commoot

Understanding the Road like Never Before

Through thousands of hours of hard work, the onset of neural networks, strong partnerships, and customers, we’re able to help you understand the road like never before. We’ll measure impressions, impression times, and beyond to learn all there is to know about the data we’re collecting. 

Understand Our Surroundings

Our machine learning and AI algorithms are constantly scanning the roads to understand our surroundings and dissect our insights.

Digging Into the Data

Once we build our data sets, we’re able to go in and make smart assumptions based on our surroundings. This helps you make smart business decisions.

OOH on Micro & Macro Level

Unlike many OOH options, we don’t believe that all out of home marketing was created equal. That’s why we take the big picture and turn it into a science.

We're Only Getting Smarter.

As our data grows smarter, so will our platform. We plan to utilize phone ID data, census information, our own proprietary data streams, GIS data, and whatever else we can get our hands on.

Why? Because intend to connect the billions of moving pieces of loose data and turn them into a functional stream of relevant information for you to utilize.

Commoot aims to become a leading source of information for the road, today and in years to come. 

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