Your Fleet Is Already On The Road.
Make It Work For You.

Commoot helps companies with ranging truck fleet sizes with their outdoor marketing and data-driven campaigns by adding a unique medium to their marketing stack. Your brand likely spends thousands to millions of dollars on marketing each year, yet, how much thought is being put into the rolling billboards making pit stops in heavily populated areas each day? Are you monitoring it or paying any attention to those impressions? Commoot utilizes intelligent machine learning software, artificial intelligence, premium hardware, and strong analysis tools to help you make your trucks work for you.

Why It Makes Sense To Track Your Trailer Campaigns

Low CPMs &
High Visibility

Your brand travels with people. Since your trucks are traveling to and from drop off and pick up spots, your trucks can get better visibility than other types of campaigns.

Your Trucks Get Longer Dwell Time

When customers are stuck in traffic, there’s not much else to do but stare in front of them. Unlike mobile ads, you can’t just swipe, X out, or adblock.

You Can Use The Data From Your Trucks

Many outdoor companies rely on dated 3rd party data that they don’t even own. Our data allows us to feel confident in what we’re providing our customers.

You Already Own The Trailer!

Since your company is already utilizing truck trailers for delivery services, it makes sense to market on those trucks. We can help your marketing output.

How Commoot Benefits Brands With Trailers

The trucks and fleets owned by your company are worth more than just their physical value.

Each time you drive your branded truck and don’t use an advance data collection software like Commoot, you are leaving valuable data and potential revenue off the table. 

Commoot offers the same camera and machine learning technology that powers our Commoot ad campaigns to enterprise brands that have their own logistics fleets. Make the trucks in your fleet work for you – learn more about Commoot camera technology today.

One Of The Best Assets You Never Realized You Had

It’s easy to oversee the amount of potential that outdoor ads can create for a company. Particularly  when this particular medium isn’t as mainstream is it should be. It’s our goal to create opportunities in advertising unlike what is currently available. We can make the data work for you.

Monitor campaigns
nearly in real-time

Due to the proprietary technology that we have built, you and your team members will be able to get significantly faster and more efficient updates than through competitors. By tying together millions of data points, we’re able to assist you and your team on things like campaign-level impressions and dwell time data, purchasing decisions, saturation/density of certain demographics, and much more.

How It Works

Trailer Smart Fleet Campaign

Once you begin working with us, we will outfit your truck with the necessary hardware to get your campaign rolling. In most cases, campaigns will utilize camera and GPS technology. After we install  the hardware, we will be able to start pull the data through our software and deliver it to you.

Contact us to learn about the data that we can offer you at this time (we're constantly expanding our data sets).

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