Inspire The Wanderlust in Your Audience - Commoot Out of Home Ads for Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism Brands know that Out of Home advertising is a powerful tool in inspiring your audiences to visit new places and explore the world around them. 

Commoot puts big, bold, unforgettable ads right at eye level with would-be travelers and tourists. Entice and inspire with Travel/Tourism Advertising by Commoot. 

Prioritize Experiences Above All

Exploring new places and creating memorable experiences is what travel is all about. Pique the curiosity and wanderlust within your audiences with Larger-Than-Life ads on Commoot trucks. 

Longer Dwell Times - Without a Screen

Target your brand’s audiences right when they are stuck in traffic wishing they were on holiday or a vacation. Commoot ads can’t be skipped and can’t be missed. 

Harnessing Powerful Data

Other Outdoor Advertising brands rely on outdated 3rd party data to make assumptions about their campaigns. Commoot collects our own data from each individual truck ad, allowing us to feel confident about the data’s accuracy and analysis.

How Commoot Benefits Tourism and Travel Brands

Today’s world is all about having and sharing experiences – from visiting a new country to exploring your backyard.

Commoot ads are a vibrant, unforgettable way to sweep your audiences away to new destinations, incredible journeys, and coveted experiences. 

Help your audience to escape to your resort, restaurant, hotel, city, or destination with un-skip-able, un-X-out-able, Out of Home advertisements by Commoot.

A New Way To Run Outdoor Media Campaigns for Tourism

Our goal is to create opportunities in outdoor advertising unlike anything else out there.

We guarantee impressions. That’s right, you read that correctly.

Unlike other OOH brands or advertising channels, if your Commoot campaigns aren’t hitting minimum thresholds, you will not be charged.

How does this benefit travel and tourism brands? Instead of guessing games and ‘smart’ assumptions, we provide you with real data collected from your ads, not someone one else’s.

That data can strengthen just about every area of your business.

Live Monitoring of Tourism and Travel Campaigns

Due to Commoot’s proprietary technology, Commoot advertiser get significantly faster and more efficient updates than our competitors can provide. We parse together millions of data points, allowing us to gain valuable data points, such as  campaign-level impressions and dwell time data, saturation/density of certain demographics, and much more.

Tourism OOH Campaign Options

Credit System

The credit system is a great place to start if you are open to a SAAS model in OOH. It's simple, really. One Credit = One Day.

In order for a Credit/Day to be charged against you, campaigns must receive at least 10,000 impressions OR be on the road for at least 3 hours.

Monthly Campaign

The monthly campaign is closer to what is traditionally utilized in outdoor advertising. The monthly campaigns are recommended for time-sensitive campaigns.

This option is also recommended for companies that plan to roll out a digital component to their campaign.

Commoot OOH Ad Options for Travel Brands

Full Trailer OOH Ad

Why Choose a Full Trailer For Your Marketing?

With between 600-1,000 square feet of branded space, just feet away from your customer, the Full Trailer option is for brands who really want to stand out and call attention. The Full Trailer allows for an immersive, massive ad that lends itself to creativity and wit. Whether a large creative display or a 3-dimensional design of your product, we recommend you treat our trucks as your road-side canvases.

Be as bold, creative, and innovative as you’d like – you’ve got the space for it with Full Trailer ads by Commoot.

Back of Trailer OOH Ad

Why Choose the Back Of Trailer For Your Marketing?

Consider this the filet mignon of the trailer. Though a smaller section, this is the most viewed area of the truck. The back of the trailer receives the most impressions and is what the viewer is most likely to see while driving near the Commoot truck.

Your ads won’t be missed with back of trailer placements at a lower price point than Full Trailer. Learn more about Commoot ad options today. 

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