Keep Your Auto Brand Top of Mind with OOH Ads from Commoot


Did you know:  75% of all car buyers reported that they intend to purchase their top of mind brand? That means if your auto brand or dealership can stay in the consumer’s sights, you’re more likely to call them a customer, rather than a target.

Connecting with your consumers long before they enter the auto buying market is critical to beating out the competition and staying at the forefront of your customer’s mind. 

Reach them at eye-level on where digital ads can’t with Commoot.

Differentiate from Online and TV Noise

Target your customers in ways that other TV-based ads can’t. By reaching audiences on the road, you can ensure that your message is seen by those who matter most, in the demographics that will have the best impact on sales and revenue. 

Data To Prove Success

Other outdoor advertising companies rely on outdated 3rd party data to make assumptions about their campaigns. Commoot collects our own data from each individual truck ad, allowing us to feel confident about the data’s accuracy and analysis.

Memorable Branding Power

By showcasing brand power in unexpected (read: not electronic) ways, Commoot helps Tech Companies to increase their ad recall and improve the power of other forms of marketing.

How Commoot Benefits Auto Brands

It’s imperative for Auto brands, resellers, and dealerships to remain on the top of the consumer’s mind. The average car buying cycle can vary from 3 months to 3 years. This means that online ads, no matter how sophisticated, must guess at which time is best to target the consumer. 

Auto sales is an incredibly competitive market, and brands are finding that other forms of ads just don’t have an impact on today’s consumer. 

Commoot ads ensure that your brand doesn’t get lost in the noise – stand out from the crowd with eye-catching, unskipable, beautifully-branded ads on Commoot’s fleet of nation-wide trucks. 

A New Way To Run Outdoor Media Campaigns

Our goal is to create opportunities in advertising for auto brands and resellers unlike anything else out there. We guarantee impressions. That’s right, you read that correctly.


Unlike other competitor brands, if your Commoot campaigns aren’t hitting minimum thresholds, you will not be charged. How does this benefit tech brands? Instead of guessing games and ‘smart’ assumptions, we provide you with real data that informs you and strengthens other marketing campaigns. 

Monitor campaigns
nearly in real-time

Commoot proprietary technology means that you and your team members receive faster, deeper, and smarter updates than our competitors can provide. We tie together millions of data points, and assist on things like campaign-level impressions and dwell time data, purchasing decisions, saturation/density of certain demographics, and much more.

Campaign Options

Credit System

The credit system is a great place to start if you are open to a SAAS model in OOH. It's simple, really. One Credit = One Day.

In order for a Credit/Day to be charged against you, campaigns must receive at least 10,000 impressions OR be on the road for at least 3 hours.

Monthly Campaign

The monthly campaign is closer to what is traditionally utilized in outdoor advertising. The monthly campaigns are recommended for time-sensitive campaigns.

This option is also recommended for companies that plan to roll out a digital component to their campaign.

Renting Our Billboards

Full Trailer

Why Choose a Full Trailer For Your Marketing?

With between 600-1,000 square feet of branded space, just feet away from your customer, this is a great option for brands that have something to say! Whether it’s artwork that has to be displayed on a large space or a unique 3-dimensional design of your product, we recommend you treat our trucks as your road-side canvases. Be creative, you’ve got the room for it. The vast space allows you to be as creative and innovative as you’d like.

Back of Trailer

Why Choose the Back Of Trailer For Your Marketing?

Consider this the filet mignon of the trailer. Though a smaller section, this is the most sought out part of the truck. The back of the trailer is where you’ll gain a majority of your impressions. Think about all of the time you’ve spent in traffic staring at the back of a truck. Well, now imagine your own branded ads just feet away from the consumer as they sit and stare at your ads. The lower price point allows you to buy in quantity.

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