What is Drop and Hook Trucking?


"Drop and hook" is a trucking industry term that refers to when a driver delivers a full container at a warehouse in exchange for an empty container before departing. Drop and hook trucking is not only less expensive than live loading and unloading, it is the preferred method for high-volume shippers and carriers alike.

How Does Drop and Hook Work?

The drop and hook shipping process begins with a driver who delivers one trailer (drop) at a warehouse. The same driver then moves their empty tractor to another section of the warehouse where they pick up (hook) a loaded trailer.

The process also works in both directions. A driver can arrive with a trailer that is empty or full and depart with either an empty or fully loaded trailer - the exchange of trailers is all that need take place.

What are the Benefits of Drop and Hook Shipping

The drop and hook shipping may be a simple process, but it is incredibly useful to both shippers and carriers for a multitude of reasons. Drop and hook is beneficial because it allows freight to move freely between two points, unhindered by the time consuming and expensive process of live loading and unloading.

A drop trailer program is beneficial because it has a significant impact on the speed and efficiency of the supply chain. Drop and hook trailer programs enable shippers and carriers to plan more effectively and to better align their schedules for shipping and delivery.

Drop and Hook Benefits for Shippers

Shippers who do not utilize a drop and hook trailer program must coordinate pickups and deliveries with carriers, which leaves very little margin for error. Traffic conditions, weather, breakdowns and other unexpected events can wreak havoc on duty schedules and lead to massive delays.

Missed appointments lead to late delivery fees, detention fees, and negative vendor scorecards, not to mention costly slow downs in the supply chain. Most importantly, however is how beneficial drop and hook shipping programs are in terms of labor, time, and flexibility.

Less Manual Labor

Drop and hook trailer programs enable shippers to load and unload trailers with a fraction of the labor force they would if they relied on live loading and unloading. Drop and hook trailers are loaded and unloaded far in advance of driver arrival, therefore there is no need to hire extra labor to speed up the process.

Less Wasted Time

Drop and hook trailer programs negate the process of live loading and unloaded which is the most time consuming process in the entire supply chain.

Better Flexibility

With drop and hook trailer programs, there's no need to coordinate pick up and delivery appointments. Drivers simply need to arrive in time to drop off one trailer and pick up another.

Drop and Hook Benefits for Carriers

Though drop and hook trailer pools are incredibly beneficial to shippers, they are most beneficial to drivers. Truck drivers are paid by the mile, which means time spent in a loading dock is time spent not making money.

Let's not forget that industry regulations limit the amount of time a driver can be on duty. Long shipping lines and missed delivery appointments only make it harder for a truck driver to earn a living.

Drop and hook programs gives drivers the freedom to drive the way they want to. No live loading means drivers can pick and choose when they start and end their trip. They can opt to avoid heavy traffic by leaving late at night or early in the morning and they can even take a break before arriving at their final delivery.

Drivers Make More Money with Drop and Hook

Being a professional truck driver is hard work. Drop and hook programs simply make it easier to be a truck driver. Drop and hook drivers spend less time in dock and spend more time on the road, making money.

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