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How Digital Brands can Benefit From OOH Marketing

The combination of digital strategies and out of home marketing is revolutionizing the way brands immerse themselves in the daily lives of their audience. The world’s largest tech companies now produce some of the world’s most ingenious and effective out of home marketing campaigns.

How Digital Brands can Benefit From Out of Home Marketing


What changed? Why are digital brands like Netflix and Hulu streaming to out of home (OOH) advertising? (pun intended)

The obvious answer is that digital brands like Google, Facebook, Apple, Snapchat, and Twitter have realized what OOH marketers have known all along; impression-based, out of home marketing works.

A recent study concluded that advertising’s effectiveness is greatest with out of home marketing, citing that 82% of respondents recalled a particular ad at a later date. OOH marketing has always been effective, but how does a brand that exists primarily in the digital space capitalize on physical, impression-based advertising?

New Capabilities in the OOH industry

The answer, according to Digital Marketing Magazine is by utilizing the vast array of new capabilities that are rapidly becoming the standard for out of home marketing. While the majority of digital brands are accustomed to the fast-paced nature of the digital world, brands who are not native to digital or who are new to the digital space may be unaware of the new, innovative capabilities of out of home marketing.

  • Digital Screens- Enable digital brands to run an infinite amount of broadcasts options and vastly more sophisticated advertisements than a static billboard.
  • Facial Recognition- Digital brands can now serve a different ad to different demographics  as they interact with the display. Women, men, and children are now identifiable by the display and are served different messaging.
  • Vehicle Recognition- Advertisement can determine the color of a vehicle and vehicle type to display specific ads appropriately.
  • Geo-Targeting- Advertisements can be targeted to specific geographic areas with increased range and accuracy.
  • Temperature Triggers- Specific ads can be triggered to run when the outside temperature reaches a designated degree, enabling digital brands to react to the weather and advertise accordingly.
  • Social Media Feeds- Digital brands can encourage their audiences to interact by enabling them to change the content of the advertisement by engaging on social media.

The integration of these digital advancements into out of home marketing displays enables digital brands to produce innovative, creative, and interactive advertisements that are highly targeted and reach more consumers than ever before.

OOH Enables a Multi-Channel Strategy

Digital brands utilizing out of home marketing will see benefit from the aforementioned features of new OOH displays, but they will see the most benefit by integrating those features into a multi-channel strategy. In other words, by utilizing multiple platforms to interact with the target audience.

An example of this is a static OOH ad that provides a creative visual experience to the target audience and encourages them to use their smartphone to engage (hashtag, share, follow, tweet, etc.) with the brand on social media.

digital out of home marketing billboard advertising commoot

Thus, digital brands can benefit from OOH marketing because the new, digital, targeted and data-driven advancements of OOH advertising enables brands to establish their brand in the real world; drive immediate short-term action, and engage with their audience via a multi-channel strategy.

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