Higher Visibility On The Road For Your Clients & Their Customers

Commoot helps agencies of all sizes with their clients’ outdoor marketing campaigns by adding a unique marketing medium to the marketing stack. Unlike most out of home marketing companies, Commoot utilizes intelligent machine learning software, artificial intelligence, premium hardware, and strong analysis tools to better understand your marketing campaigns.  How does this help marketing agencies? You actually have something to report back to your client. Cold Hard Data. This isn’t your standard billboard. With dwell times as long as a few minutes, your client will love your recommendation to work with Commoot.

Low CPMs, High Visibility

Your client’s brand should travel with people. Due to our competitive pricing and high visibility routes, brands are able to make a splash in their markets. 

Longer Dwell Times

When customers are stuck in traffic, there’s not much else to do but stare in front of them. Unlike mobile ads, you can’t just swipe, X out, or adblock.

Data To Prove It

Many outdoor companies rely on dated 3rd party data that they don’t even own. Our data allows us to feel confident in what we’re providing our customers.

How Commoot Benefits Agencies

Commoot partners with trucking companies and fleet owners across the country to lease their unused white space on the sides of their shipping containers.

Trucking companies and fleet owners benefit from increased revenue, which can be extremely impactful in today’s current economy.

No need to worry about the ‘logistics’ of ad placement. Commoot does all the work for you, while helping you earn more revenue from your unused ad space.

A New Way To Run Outdoor Media Campaigns

It’s our goal to create opportunities in advertising unlike what is currently available. We guarantee impressions. If our campaigns aren’t hitting minimum thresholds, your client does not get charged. How does this help you, as an agency? Instead of making you play guessing games, we provide you with the data and information that your client wants.

Monitor campaigns
nearly in real-time

Due to the proprietary technology that we have built, you and your team members will be able to get significantly faster and more efficient updates than through competitors. By tying together millions of data points, we’re able to assist you and your team on things like campaign-level impressions and dwell time data, purchasing decisions, saturation/density of certain demographics, and much more.

Campaign Options

Credit System

The credit system is a great place to start if you are open to a SAAS model in OOH. It's simple, really. One Credit = One Day.

In order for a Credit/Day to be charged against you, campaigns must receive at least 10,000 impressions OR be on the road for at least 3 hours.

Monthly Campaign

The monthly campaign is closer to what is traditionally utilized in outdoor advertising. The monthly campaigns are recommended for time-sensitive campaigns.

This option is also recommended for companies that plan to roll out a digital component to their campaign.

Renting Our Billboards

Full Trailer

Why Choose a Full Trailer For Your Marketing?

With between 600-1,000 square feet of branded space, just feet away from your customer, this is a great option for brands that have something to say! Whether it’s artwork that has to be displayed on a large space or a unique 3-dimensional design of your product, we recommend you treat our trucks as your road-side canvases. Be creative, you’ve got the room for it. The vast space allows you to be as creative and innovative as you’d like.

Back of Trailer

Why Choose the Back Of Trailer For Your Marketing?

Consider this the filet mignon of the trailer. Though a smaller section, this is the most sought out part of the truck. The back of the trailer is where you’ll gain a majority of your impressions. Think about all of the time you’ve spent in traffic staring at the back of a truck. Well, now imagine your own branded ads just feet away from the consumer as they sit and stare at your ads. The lower price point allows you to buy in quantity.

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